About us


Contribution to Society through Fertilizer business is our Mission

MC Ferticom was established in 2008 by consolidation of 5 Fertilizer Company. We have more than 50 years history from the establishment of our originate company in 1966.

Our corporate Philosophy is to do the best personnel opportunity corresponding to any changes in all fields including agriculture.

As our business field, coated fertilizer, microbial degradation fertilizer, environmental friendly fertilizer and micronutirents etc, contributing to the labor saving, high yield and dainty, was released based on our R&D, production, soil investigation ・ technical advice and sales in the past.

We will contribute to the development of Japanese agriculture, aiming to add value leading to further growth stages, facing the diversifying needs, and looking to the next generation based on the continuous safety, security and trust,

Takaji Kawajiri